Genesis Colostrum Products

Sometimes, mother’s colostrum doesn’t meet all these requirements – that’s when the calf needs Genesis.



All Genesis products are…


Highly Concentrated: Genesis products are among the most concentrated products on the market today.

Colostrum Derived: Genesis products provide up to 150 grams of globulin protein, per replacement dose, and other functional proteins that are only found in colostrum. These proteins support long term health and growth.

Easy to Mix and Feed: Using Genesis products will greatly reduce the time it takes to prepare and feed the calf.

Research Proven: Numerous controlled studies show excellent absorption of globulin protein.



Genesis 50 colostrum supplement and Genesis 150 colostrum replacer are both offered in Perfect Udder® packaging.


The Advantages of the Perfect Udder® system

FAST: With only 3 steps and a quick dissolving formula, you can get to the calf in minutes!

EASY: Our packaging was designed with you in mind! With a premeasured dose of replacer already inside and a clear window on the back, mixing couldn’t be any easier.

CLEAN: Disposable packaging helps minimize opportunity for contamination and disease transfer between calves.

SAFE: Genesis products utilize ­first milking colostrum that has been carefully collected, handled and pasteurized to ensure product integrity.


To prepare: Add water to the fill line on the back side of the bag then shake for about 10 seconds. To administer to the calf: remove cap and attach a screw-on feeding attachment of your choice (esophageal tube or nipple).


Genesis is a trademark of Provimi North America, Inc.

Perfect Udder® is a registered trademark of Dairy Tech, Inc.


How to mix and feed Genesis® Colostrum using Perfect Udder®

Genesis® Multi Colostrum Replacer/Supplement Mixing and Feeding Demonstration