We provide ingredients and medicated feed additives as inputs into complete feed solutions for animal feed manufacturers, feed distributors and animal nutrition providers.

For almost any feed input you’re looking for not only can we supply it and blend it, but we can help you understand the nutrition choices you have for the animals you’re feeding.  Our salespeople aren’t just salespeople, they are industry leading experts that will provide you with information to make informed purchasing decisions. 

Robust business management sourcing provides customers with assurance and trust that they are receiving quality, safe products at a competitive price. Our dedicated local and global teams of industry experts are providing customers real-time market knowledge on ingredients to ensure maximized profitability.

Our portfolio includes, but isn’t limited to, essential ingredients to animal production such as; vitamins, amino acids, minerals, complex trace minerals, medicated feed ingredients,  preservatives, flow agents, pellet binders, enzymes, milk ingredients, bypass fats, oils, buffers, yeasts, and direct fed microbials.