NeoTec Technologies

NeoTec4 provides a specific blend of essential fatty acids which are deficient in milk, milk replacer, starter and growers. The specific fatty acids in NeoTec4 (butric acid, medium chain fatty acids, and linolenic acid) are deficient in the typical US calf’s diet.  NeoTec4 helps calves to metabolically utilize nutrients that contribute to bone growth and muscle mass.  In addition, the developing villi and pancreas are aided by decreasing inflammation and bacteria load from pathogenic bacteria. This accelerated development in gut health helps calves to become ruminants faster, creating a swifter on-ramp to starter feeds and additional performance gains.

Backed by more published research than any other calf product on the market, NeoTec4’s efficiency is proven in “real-world” provides consistent results.


Product offering:
  • NeoTec4 10
  • NeoTec4 25 P
  • NeoTec4 Supplement