Specialty Ingredients and Blends

Promote® AOX


AOX is a combination of botanicals that can be used to support oxidative balance.

PROMOTE® Cinergy Fit 3S

Cinergy Fit 3S utilizes a unique stabilization technology to ensure stability of the essential oil components under various processing conditions, including pelleting and extrusion.

PROMOTE® ProHacid® Advance LOC 2.0 U

Is a dry organic acid blend designed for use in swine diets. It is formulated to help acidify pig diets to promote gut health.

Promote Cinergy IGP 5/10

Cinergy IGP 5/10 contains reed sedge peat, yeast cultures, vitamins, and Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis fermentation products to promote gut health and stool quality.

Promote Intella Fit

Intella™ Fit is a blend of essential oils and organic acids targeted at supporting poultry gut health

Shell Add Pack

Shell Add Pack is a blend formulated to maintain egg shell quality in aging layers experiencing problems with shell cracks and chexs.


CinnaGar® is a unique blend of botanicals designed to enhance rumen efficiency, decrease methane production and shift the rumen volatile fatty acid profile.


Prime'er is a blend of ingredients that supports healthy liver function to help reduce metabolic disorders of transition cows.


N Balance® is a proprietary blend of fermentation extracts, vitamins, minerals, protein sources, and botanicals that allows for reduction in bypass protein sources by promoting nitrogen utilization in the rumen.

Vital-ME 160

Most Reliable Prilled Fat. Period. Is a prilled rumen bypass fat. The fatty acid composition in Vital-ME has been designed to increase the metabolizable energy density of the dairy cow’s diet without reducing dry matter intake.

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