Yeasts & DFMS

PROMOTE® Cinergy Life B3


PROMOTE® Cinergy Life B3 is a direct fed microbial product formulated for swine that contains multiple strains of Bacillus subtilus. These strains were specifically selected to both stimulate digestive enzyme activity and to be stable during exposure to high temperatures, as experienced in pelleting. Cinergy Life B3 supports nutrient digestibility to improve feed efficiency in grow-finish pigs.



PROMOTE® Trasic™ SeY 2000


all species




PROMOTE® Trasic SeY 2000 is a high quality selenium yeast product with high levels of organic selenium in the form of selenomethionine and selenocysteine.



PROMOTE® Valido™ Iplus YM


PROMOTE® Valido™ Iplus YM is a blend of yeast culture, yeast-derived functional carbohydrates, bacterial fermentation products, and other beneficial ingredients to promote gut function in ruminants when diet quality is a challenge.


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